Our accessories are handmade with care. This process takes time and patience and a meticulous eye, because each roll of vintage linen has a texture, volume and thread of its own, so it can't be worked in a standardised manner.

But fortunately we have a team of talented artisans with whom we have a beautiful creative relationship. They are based in Northern Italy and they are very much part of the creative process and the team. We regularly consult with them, as we treasure their know-how and skills.

Hand Embroidery

Every now and then we also love to hand-embroider a few pieces with unique patterns, usually inspired by nature, so that each bag is truly one of a kind. We are also proud of offering a customisation service with our clients’ initials hand-embroidered on all our vintage linen bag. Each bag is unique, because of the irregular texture and shades of vintage linen, and because of the hands of our artisans.

You can find unique creations with hand embroidered patterns under the section 'Bags' and then 'Brodé'. For special customisation, please do not hesitate to contact us.