La Maison

La Maison en Pierre, a 17th century stone mas in the Luberon, was love at first sight for me and my husband Stefano. As we embarked on a three years renovation project, we fell even more in love with the beautiful region, its wild landscape and welcoming people.

A vintage collection

Through the years, I have been a passionate collector of French vintage fabric. In my eyes, the uniqueness, beauty, strength and imperfections of the rolls of vintage hemp and linen became the ideal trait d’union for a collection of accessories which captures the essence of Provence, the love for the simple things, the slow pace of life and, above all, the respect for the environment.

La Maison en Pierre creations are, in fact, fully sustainable, as nothing new is produced for this collection. ‘Nothing is created, everything is transformed’…from the vintage linen to the leather, which is bought from the production’s surplus of the best Italian accessory industry.

The artisans

Provence with its rolling fields of lavender, its marché and brocantes, is a continuous source of inspiration for me. But the great stars of La Maison en Pierre are the Italian artisans with whom I have nurtured a close relationship for years. In their hands, the vintage fabric from France is transformed in the creations of my dreams: unique accessories carefully crafted by local centuries old know-how and loved by clients across the world.

Anna Covelli - Founder of La Maison en Pierre